Gerald Durrell’s Corfu

Welcome to Gerald Durrell’s Corfu, the website to tell you all about Gerald Durrell Week, a magical and fascinating experience for anyone who has been inspired by Gerald Durrell’s books, to take an active interest in natural history.  Corfu is a paradise for amateur naturalists.

Gerald Durrell Week takes place every Spring, usually in May, when the wildflowers are  in bloom and the wildlife is awakening from the winter.  Unfortunately, as flights into Corfu are cancelled due to COVID 19 virus, we are not able to offer this week in 2021.

The week is based in the northwest of the island, and the study centre is a Venetian Manor House where we meet up every morning to prepare for the day’s activities.  Transport is provided to take us to different locations,  carefully chosen for their diversity of habitats and species.   We are accompanied  by specialists in the flora and fauna of Corfu, as we explore the places described in the books by Gerald Durrell about his childhood on this enchanting island.

We hope to see you for the next Gerald Durrell Week  which hopefully will be held  May 2022!

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Lee Durrell
Honorary Director, Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust