Gerald Durrell Week Corfu 2020

23rd – 30th May 2020

Once again we have the honour of Dr Lee Durrell, widow of Gerald Durrell,  joining the team of eminent experts, such as Dr David Shimwell, for this week of adventure and discovery. We are once again offering the opportunity to spend a week re-living the life of Gerald Durrell,  giving you an unforgettable experience on the beautiful island of Corfu. You will see and do more than you ever could traveling on your own and without the hassle of organising it yourself.

The team

You will join a small group of like-minded naturalists and have local leaders to look after day-to-day matters. There is a limited number of places to individuals and families interested in Gerald Durrell, Corfu,  animals and plants, adventure and cultural activities.

Night walk


“We hope that there will be fireflies at night to guide you and butterflies in hedges and forests to greet you.”*

We fear that the magic of this sight which so enchanted the young Gerry Durrell may one day be lost forever, due to the effects of modern farming. However here on Corfu, it is still possible to be mesmerized and disorientated with the flashing lights by which the males attract the females.  


“We hope that there will still the extraordinary varieties of creatures sharing the land of the planet with you to enchant you and enrich your lives.”*

Gentle walks across the mountains and coastal paths will give you the opportunity to see a variety of wildlife living on this island. Expert guides will take you to places where the habitat is unspoiled and help you identify the Mediterranean flora and fauna – or simply enable you to drink in the beautiful landscapes and magnificent views.  

5798 Giraffe like grass insect thing closer _DSC5797 - Version 2


“We hope that you will be grateful for having been born into such a magical world.”*


The island of Corfu was the paradise the Durrell Family fell in love with when they lived    here in the 1930s. Gerald Durrell believed in

boat at strawberry tree villathe sense of place,  ‘the garden of the gods’. The childhood paradise that inspired Gerald’s book MY FAMILY AND OTHER ANIMALS still exists here today, away from the areas of mass tourism. Young and old, we can give you the opportunity to experience Gerald Durrell’s “paradise” to share with your children or grandchildren.

Do not miss this rare opportunity for a true Durrellian experience under expert guidance.

The week takes place in the Northern part of Corfu . There is a range of accommodation from villas, apartments or rooms with a local family, all set close to the study centre.

These words were written by Gerald Durrell for a time capsule buried in 1988 in the grounds of Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust, which was also Gerald Durrell’s home.