We are offering you the option to tailor your own needs in respect of where you stay during the week. Our aim is to enable both single people and whole families to decide on their personal preferences and budgets. We have options ranging from a room within a house to apartments and  luxurious villas; most are within walking distance of the Study Centre, but one or two will require car hire.


There are a limited number of spaces in  local village houses. This will be room only, as very few of the local inhabitants speak any English. Details and on application.


There are a apartments within the village, all of which are self-catering. The cost of which varies from 200-500 euros per week, details of availability on application

Village Houses

There are a number of traditional village houses available. Most of these will require car hire, but are suitable for families or groups of friends as they are 2/3 bedrooms. They range from very basic to fairly well equipped, and include linen and services.  Some of these properties can be viewed on the following links:

From the Owner’s Direct  home page, enter one of the codes below in the PROPERTY CODE box, (top RHS)and chose either an apartment or village house from the following: GR267, GR  271, GR229 or  GR748.

There are other properties in the village which do not have internet advertising – photos and descriptions available on application.


There is a limited number of villas and houses available in and around the village of Perithia. The following have web-sites for you to peruse: (car required)

There are other villas/houses which do not have their own web-site; details are available on application to Most of these will require car hire, but not all.

Tailor Make Your Holiday
Whether your visit to Corfu is for this event, or part of a longer stay, we are able to direct you to recommended agents and private accommodation.  This allows you to have the flexibility to organise your own flights from airport of your choice.